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Inlet Fish Producers, Inc. (IFP) is a seafood processing company with headquarters in Kenai, Alaska. During the 2018 season, which will begin in mid May, IFP will operate two processing facilities: one near the mouth of the Kenai River and the other near the mouth of the Kasilof River.  The 2018 season is expected to last until September 7-15, 2018. If you are hired, the work area you are assigned will depend upon our needs.


You will be paid an hourly wage and time and a half for overtime. When we are operating around the clock during peak production, you will be asked to work a 12 to 16 hour shift, seven days a week. The starting wage for the 2018 season is $9.80 per hour. All employees are hired through the Main Office at the Kenai Plant. You will be required to have the proper documentation. At the bottom of the page is an information sheet detailing the identification you will need.

The Kenai Plant can house 90 individuals in 2 person rooms.  The Kasilof River Plant now has the capacity to house 60 individuals.  These rooms are available with a priority for returning employees on a first come first served basis.  Each room has two beds with mattresses and pillows. Sheet sets, a sleeping bag, and a laundry bag will be provided for $10 extra, which will be docked from employees' paycheck unless you bring your own. There is a fully functional laundry facility which provides regular laundry service so you don't have to take time out of your work schedule to clean your clothes.

Wet weather gear is necessary - rain gear (jacket and pants) as well as rubber boots. Do not buy steel-toed boots as your feet may become cold. Bring warm socks, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, long johns, etc. We experience many warm, dry days here in Alaska, but be prepared for cool, wet weather. Work areas are generally damp and are kept cool. It is also recommended that you bring an alarm clock and insect repellent. Remember to bring your hiking boots, camera, and fishing poles for your working vacation. Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula offer an outdoor experience to be remembered for a lifetime.


2018 Starting Pay and Completion Bonus
Inlet Fish will be paying a base hourly rate of $9.80 per hour straight time and $14.70 per hour for overtime.
In addition to the normal hourly pay, we will also pay a “season completion bonus.” The completion bonus amount varies based on the employee’s base hourly pay rate, and it includes a factor for overtime hours.  As an example, a processor who earns $9.80 per straight time hour and who stays until lay off will receive a completion bonus equal to $1.20 times the total number of regular hours and $1.875 times the total number of overtime hours worked during the season.  To qualify for the bonus, you must be available to work whenever we have fish, and you must continue to work until you are laid off for the season.
If you work at the Inlet Fish Kenai or Kasilof plant for three full months during a regular season (June 1 to August 31) you can often expect to have at least 800 hours of total work, and possibly as much as 900 to 1000 hours. Such figures are dependent of course on the cycles of the fish, which vary from year to year, so there is no guarantee, but this is an average look at figures based on the last three years.
Based on a total season of 800 hours (about 61.5 hours per week), of which 320 might be overtime, you could expect to earn the following total amount:
Accumulated Hours Total Earnings
480 hours @ $9.80 $4,704.00
320 hours @ $14.70 $4,704.00

Bonus 480 hours @ $1.20 and 320 hours @ $1.875


As long as you receive a layoff in good standing you will retain your hours and pay rate for the following year if you decide to return. We encourage people to return.


One and one-half times the regular rate is paid for any hours worked in excess of eight hours a day. Overtime is also paid for any hours worked in excess of 40 straight hours per week. 


There are a few policies that you should be aware of before you make your plans. First of all, please do not bring any pets with you. Animals are not allowed at any seafood processing facility by State of Alaska regulations. Secondly, Inlet Fish Producers has a "zero-tolerance" policy for drugs or alcohol. Possession or use of these substances on company property will result in immediate dismissal. Finally, all weapons are prohibited.

Required Skills: 
  1. Good at following directions
  2. Able to handle repetitive tasks over long hours
  3. Good at working with a large team of people
  4. Willing to work with seafood
  5. Willing to work in cold weather conditions


Required Education: 
  • High School
  • Some college education preferred but not necessary
Required Documentation: 

You can present one document from list A, or one document each from lists B and C below.

You will be asked to attach proof of these documents when you click "Apply Now!" at the bottom of this page. Please supply clear scans or digital photos with your application.

List A:

  • Unexpired U.S. Passport
  • Certificate of U.S. citizenship
  • Certificate of Naturalization unexpired foreign passport with an I-551 stamp or an INFS Form I-94
  • Alien registration receipt card (also called a green card)
  • unexpired Temporary resident card
  • unexpired employment authorization documents

List B:

  • Driver's license or ID card issued by a state with photo
  • Native American tribal document
  • Canadian driver's license

List C:

  • US social security card
  • Native American tribal document
  • Original or certified copy of birth ceritficate
  • Arrival-Departure Record


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